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Ivy Yinshan Chee

Fascinated by lines and colours; I'm just a novice cruising through life finding my path.

Ivy's works are a narrative of her journey of her life. They are a collection of memories, emotions, inspirations, imaginations and reflections as she cruises through life. A doctor by profession, she was often swept up by the hustle and bustle of life. It was long before she realised that she has begun to lose focus of many things. Hence, once again, Ivy is picking up her pen and brush, connecting the little dots together, jotting down the little things in life.

She is currently working on a series called 'Searching For An Answer'. This series reflects her journey as she desperately tries to find for an answer. From yearning for an answer to formulating her own choice and decisions, each piece in this series tells an inspiring story. Vivid yet far-fetched, Ivy lets her hopes and imagination run wild as she embraces the unknown. 

At Scribblings  of Life, Ivy presents to you her most honest thoughts on life.  


- New Artist Fair 2021 at Trumen Brewery, London

- Contemporary Art Fair 2021 at Royal Windsor Racecourse

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Interested in learning more about me, my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Feel free to reach out anytime, I would be more than happy to chat. For anything and everything.
All artwork posted are available for sale.

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