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Night Shift

I could hear the clock ticking across the room

Darkness began to draw near

In between conscious and subconscious

I staggered out of bed

As I turned the ignition key clockwise

The engine chuckled

As if it was mocking at me

76 miles down the road

My legs were about to go numb

My back was about to scream at me

I stumbled out of the door

Stretched myself in the darkness

I walked towards the brightness across

The door sprung opened as if it was waiting on me

Within the well-lit concrete

You wouldn’t have noticed that the night had drawn upon

With a pen in my hand

Pieces of folded paper in my back pocket

I skipped down the stairs

The place was quieter than usual

But it’s no doubt up and running

You could hear the machine beeping

The cries and sobs behind the closed doors

The frustration across the room

The cry of pain behind the closed curtains

The laughter in the corner

Dawn began to draw near

I could feel the loneliness as I strode along the quiet corridor

I remembered your eyes as you search my face for answers

I remembered you clutching in pain

I remembered them huddled together in prayer

The smell of morning dew freshened me up

As my shift gradually draw close

I muttered a prayer for you

May this new day bring peace and comfort to you

Just like the warmth of the sun rise outside

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