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The Unsaid

The corridor was empty I could feel the chillness in the air I stopped in my tracks It's all white outside The sight was breath-taking The brick walls and concrete seemed to have kept me trapped in Or maybe it was me who chose to keep myself trapped Like the blizzard outside I tried to bury what's beneath

Flashes of vivid memories flood in She was holding my hands She trembled in pain as she cried out for me to let her go

Looking drained he smiled at me He gave me a sigh of relief

She shouted at me She couldn't keep her composure I could see her eyes trembling in fear

Their eyes were sad They stared at me looking for answers They looked weary

She held my hands and thanked me But she breathed her last breath hours later

I could hear the sobs across the corridor Their eyes were red They tried to hide their tears

The sun will eventually come after the blizzard Wash away what's beneath the snow And the snow will return as time passes Like a viscous cycle Life repeats I have slowly become numb But deep down under I'm still the same Sorry that I couldn't do more Sorry for my limitations Sorry that I could only say a prayer for you

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